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ECO Membrane System

ECO Membrane System is an innovative system offering enhanced thermal insulation and mechanical strength.

Anchoring System L-Bar Type

The stability of inflatable halls depends on the strength of their foundations. With our anchoring system, air loss is minimized, which leads to significant energy savings.

Heating System

Our impact-heating system offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining stability and desired climate conditions within facilities.

Cooling System

The combination of our inflatable halls, air conditioning systems, and specialized membrane thermal insulation promotes a healthy and comfortable environment within the facility.

Diesel Electric Generators

Diesel-electric generators are indispensable backup power sources for air domes, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power supply in critical situations.

Entrance Revolving doors

Entrance Revolving doors are a superior choice in terms of durability and energy efficiency, serving as effective airlocks to prevent rapid influxes of cold air into warm buildings, especially on chilly, windy days.

Emergency Exit

Emergency exits in air domes are strategically designed and clearly marked to ensure the safety of occupants.

Accessible Doors

Airdome Spaces prioritize inclusivity with ADA-compliant doors, offering easy access for disabled individuals.

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